Wednesday, 24 December 2014


As some of you are aware Sam has been working this week frantically on something for the new year  and we can now share with you what it is.

Not only will we be on facebook, but have decided with the changes they are making to pages to make things a lot harder for you to see what we are doing, we are going to take on another online presence so we now have a shop front on another platform . This will NOT affect anything on facebook for the amazing likers and friends it will just give another outlet for sales and more ready to go items ;o)

We will be offering specials on the new shop BUT will always give you amazing people the heads up and link to the offers ;o) and will still do different offers here for you.

If anyone wants to check out the new shop and what we have there at the moment the link is and would LOVE any feedback you wish to leave us ;o)

We would all at Samaflora like to wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy 2015.


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