Friday, 18 April 2014

Samaflora turns one!

Happy birthday Samaflora!

Sam started Samaflora a year ago today, thinking she wouldn't do very well with it, but here we are one year later, with over 9000 flowers made this year alone, its safe to say it is a big success.

For one day only, as a special birthday treat, Samaflora is offering you 3 dozen of these beautiful roses for £6 plus postage, with another 3 dozen added for free! Thats 6 dozen roses for £6 plus postage.

To take advantage of this fantastic offer just comment on the facebook post here so we can keep track. 
Remember this offer is only valid for today, 18th April 2014.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Happy birthday Sam!

It's Samaflora owners birthday today! Happy birthday!

As it is her birthday, she is bringing you a very special treat, 3 dozen of these beautiful flowers for just £6 (plus postage) and if you buy them today, you get another 3 dozen for free! Thats 6 dozen of these for just £6 (plus postage)

There is no limit to the amount you can order, but to get them at this very special price you must order today (12th April 2014), after that they will be £6 for 3 dozen with none free.

Also today Sam is uploading the entries for the birthday card competiton. Check out the facebook album and vite for your favourite to win!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Samaflora turns one!

There are alot of birthdays lately, my beautiful baby boy turned one on monday, it is Samaflora owners birthday on the 12th April, and Samaflora itself also has its first birthday on the 18th April too!

As it is Samaflora's birthday, we are running a competition to win some flowers.

If you would like to enter all you have to do is design a birthday card. That is all. When you are finished you email it to - - by the 12th April when Sam will upload them all to the samaflora page. The winner will be the photo with the most 'likes' when the comp closes which will be on the 18th April. 

Please do not watermark your images at all, we don't want any indication of who has made them before the competition closes. The cards dont have to include Samaflora flowers but can do if you would like.